What Are Colon Polyps?

How much do you know about colon polyps? Did you know colon polyps can be a warning sign of colon cancer? Dr. Mukhtar Anees at Southwest Gastroenterology Clinic in Burleson, TX, provides a wide range of gastrointestinal services, including diagnosis and treatment of colon polyps. 

What You Need To Know About Colon Polyps

Colon polyps are growths of tissue inside your colon. You probably won’t know they are there unless you have a colonoscopy. Colon polyps can look flat, elevated, or stalk like. They develop in about 30% of adults over 45 to 50 years old. Colon polyps are caused by genetic mutations in the cells of the colon lining. You are at greater risk of developing colon polyps if you: 

  • Smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol 
  • Are overweight or sedentary 
  • Eat a diet heavy in processed foods and red meat 
  • Have a family history of colon polyps 
  • Have a history of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or inflammatory bowel disease 

Colon polyps are diagnosed during a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy uses a thin, flexible tube with a camera attached to one end. The tube is inserted into your rectum and guided up into your colon while you are sedated. The camera allows your gastroenterologist to view your colon. If you have colon polyps, our gastroenterologist can remove them during the procedure. Tissue may be sent off for a biopsy to determine if cancerous cells are present. 

The risk of developing colon polyps increases as you age, which is why a colonoscopy is so important. If you are age 45 or older and have not had a colonoscopy, schedule one today. It could help prevent colon cancer and save your life.  

Want To Know More? 

To find out more about colon polyps and how our gastroenterologist can treat them, call Dr. Anees at Southwest Gastroenterology Clinic in Burleson, TX. You can reach him in the office by calling (817) 293-9292, so call today.

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