Types of Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder disease is an often painful condition that is more common in patients who are from some ethnic backgrounds and who are women. There are different types of gallbladder conditions to be aware of if you think you may be at risk. Know the symptoms of gallbladder disease and see Dr. Anees at Southwest Gastroenterology Clinic in Burleson, TX.

What Does the Gallbladder Do?

The gallbladder is a small organ located beneath the liver that stores bile that eventually gets released into the intestines. The bile, a yellow-colored liquid that is produced by the liver, aids the digestive process and helps break down fat. Complications can arise with the gallbladder that are usually related to the ducts that lead in and out of the organ.

Types of Gallbladder Disease

There are two main types of gallbladder disease that your Burleson, TX doctor can test for:

  • Cholecystitis (acute or chronic).
  • Gallstones (the most common).

Both cases involve the build up of bile into small stones that can cause blockages and inflame the gallbladder. In severe cases, the gallbladder can become enlarged, infected, or even rupture or tear if this condition is not treated. A gallbladder rupturing could cause serious illness.

Signs of Possible Gallbladder Disease

One of the first signs of possible gallbladder disease is intense pain in the stomach area that lasts for many hours, sometimes as long as a day. Other signs include:

  • Yellowing or jaundice in the eyes or skin.
  • Fever.
  • Vomiting frequently.
  • Swollen stomach.
  • Sweating profusely.
  • Darker urine than usual or odd-colored bowel movements.
  • The skin feels very itchy.

Get Checked for Possible Gallbladder Issues

There are relatively simple tests that your doctor can perform to determine a potential gallbladder problem. An ultrasound or an MRI scan can diagnose gallbladder disease. Schedule a checkup today with Dr. Anees at Southwest Gastroenterology Clinic in Burleson, TX, by calling (817) 293-9292.

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