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Treatment of Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder disease causes a variety of symptoms ranging from abdominal pain to nausea and fever. If you have gallbladder disease, your gastroenterologist in Burleson, TX, Dr. Anees of Southwest Gastroenterology Clinic and Surgery Center, can recommend treatments that relieve pain and other symptoms.

About gallbladder disease

Your gallbladder stores bile, a digestive fluid made by your liver, and also helps you digest fats. Gallbladder disease occurs when the organ becomes inflamed, a symptom that is often caused by gallstones. Gallstones form when the bile inside the gallbladder hardens, forming small stones that can become trapped in the gallbladder's bile ducts.

If this happens, you may notice one or more of these symptoms:

  • Pain in the upper abdomen, right shoulder, or between the shoulder blades (The pain can worsen after you eat fatty foods)
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Jaundice, a condition that causes the skin or whites of the eyes to look yellow
  • Dark urine

Gallbladder disease may not cause any symptoms in some cases. In fact, the disease may be discovered when you're having tests to rule out another disease or condition.

In addition to gallstones, gallbladder disease can also be caused by chronic or sudden inflammation, an abscess, a perforation in the gallbladder, cancer, certain illnesses and infections, autoimmune conditions, or porcelain gallbladder, a condition that causes hard calcium deposits to cover the inner walls of the organ.

Treatments for gallbladder disease

Gallbladder disease doesn't always require surgery. It may be possible to manage your symptoms simply by switching to a low-fat, low-carb diet. The diet decreases inflammation and can stop stones from forming in your gallbladder. Your gastroenterologist will discuss the benefits of dietary changes during your visit to the Burleson, TX, gastroenterology office.

If surgery is needed to remove gallstones, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery may be recommended. During this surgical procedure, your gastroenterologist removes your gallbladder through a tiny incision made in your abdomen. You probably won't need to stay in the hospital overnight with this type of surgery and can return to your usual activities in a week or two, although complete recovery will take several more weeks.

Traditional surgery may be needed if you're not a candidate for laparoscopic surgery. This surgery involves making a longer incision in your abdomen to remove your gallbladder. You will need to stay in the hospital for a few days following the surgery.

Do you have gallbladder disease? Call your Burleson, TX, gastroenterologist, Dr. Anees of Southwest Gastroenterology Clinic and Surgery Center, at (817) 293-9292 to schedule an appointment.

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